If you feel that you are affected in some form of heavy energy and you seek help for health energetic counseling, harmonization, clearing or the removal of negative energy, you are right here.

My task areas are:

  • Energetic counseling for health complaints.
  • Harmonization and clearing for people, animals and buildings of all kinds of heavy energy.
  • Elimination of Paranormal phenomena of all kinds.
  • Resolution of curses and black magic, even if they go back generations.
  • Medial contact with the deceased and accompaniment to the light.

I work on higher dimensions connected directly with the higher Self and my multidimensional spiritual guides through my third eye, going to the energetic plane that coexist with the physical and I clear directly from there transmuting the heavy negative energy into light.

Energetic House Clearing

An energetic clearing of your home or your business premises is urgently advisable, if one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • You sometimes get goose bumps without any reason.
  • You smell burning and/or rotten smell.
  • Sometimes you feel a cold breeze without an open window.
  • You sometimes feel an inexplicable cold in the back.
  • Your skin is more sensitive, which may manifest as itching, dryness and eczema.
  • You have inexplicable complaints when you are at home.
  • When you are at home, you often injure yourself.
  • As much as you wipe, the apartment is always dusty.
  • Constant foul smell at home, smell of death and burning smell..
  • You feel like someone is passing or touching you lightly, but you are alone.
  • The pets behave irrationally.
  • You have unpleasant dreams, e.g. that you are running away from something.
  • You repeatedly wake up at the same night time and it is difficult to fall asleep again.
  • You hear inexplicable sounds, e.g. as if marbles roll.
  • You hear whispers without anyone in the room.
  • You feel sudden fear rising inside you.
  • Light sources and electric tools go on and off by themselves.
  • Objects move or may be found elsewhere.
  • You feel someone sitting next to you, but you don't see anyone.
  • You live near a cemetery, undertaker, hospital, etc.
  • Someone violently died in or near your home.
  • Spiritism or magic was practiced in or near your house.
  • You feel as if you would never succeed.
  • You or a relative once played Ouija, regardless of time or place.


According to the definition of the word "exorcism" means the expulsion or attempted expulsion of a supposedly evil entity from a person or from a place. For most people practicing exorcism, after the successful expulsion, the evil entity searches new place to manifest, or remains trapped in a medium and stuck in the physical dimension. My job is not only to expel them, but to lead them to their astral homes, where they truly belong. I guide them with the help of my spiritual assistants, and as final clearing I transmute the old memories of the dark energy into a bright clear start.

When a demon oppresses a person before taking possession, it does not yet penetrate completely into that person's body. For physical, emotional and mental manifestation, it opens the energy field of the nape and it´s common that the affected person feels pressure in this part of the body when the energetic being that resonates with the person's emotional energy uses that opening.

Demons can be present and interact with you without fear, but when the horror begins, i.e. they manifest themselves and you fall into fear, the reality is that the fears that slumber in your subconscious are tread on the surface.

Absolutely everything that happens in our lives is planned by our higher Self.


The Astral dimension oscillates in low (black Astral), medium and high energy in different degrees. It is responsible for the frequency of emotions and as pure energy, like both sides of a coin inseparable as one with the physical.

So, it is that all energetic beings, the beautiful and the creepy ones, emit a certain vibration that exactly matches the different emotions that the physical beings radiate. The Astral beings who live among us have been created with the purpose to manifest, intensify and clear emotions.

The black astral is the lowest vibrational frequency that exists, with a black background and a feeling of hopeless darkness. Here reside the most negative emotions taking form as the scariest energetic beings. The lowest emotion is rage, and by nourishing, giving more energy conscious or unconscious to the  low emotions, making an energetic emotional charge through thoughts, you attract certain astral beings like a magnet, because that energetic charge, is energetic batterie for them.


Energetic Counseling: price on request.

Energetic counseling for balance and emotional well-being.

Personal spiritual background: 50€

Spiritual contact with your ancestors.

Simple clearing to harmonize and lift the vibration frequency of the house:
0,80 € / m², minimum 30 €

I detect and transmute the negative energy into high vibrations from the higher dimensions.

Purification of severe paranormal phenomena, exorcism: Price on request.

Contact with the deceased: 

Medial contact with the deceased, accompaniment to the light and beings such as aliens, mythical beings and others.

Every human being, extraterrestrial, animal or plant and even the stones; Dead or alive, have energetical information, they send out a very specific vibration. I energetically tune in to this vibration and so I make direct contact.

Personal session: € 60

Clearing and animal communication: € 40

For your pet to regain balance: animals absorb the emotions of their owners and/or from the surroundings where they lived, which can cause stress and behavior disorders.

I have cats, dog and rabbits at home; Being able to communicate with them and energetically see what they need, is the key to a healthy, happy and harmonious life.

Transport under 25 km free of charge, at a longer distance travel costs 0,30 € / km


*Succes is not guaranteed.

*Healing success, alleviation and improvement of the state of health is not guaranteed.


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